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486 points submitted 4 days agoThis video is nothing compared canada goose outlet boston to the interview they did last week. There no video, but the canada goose outlet trillium parka black full interview is on ESPN website. canada goose outlet winnipeg Here the excerpt, for anyone who curious:But McGrady, who failed to win a championship in his sixteen seasons in the league, was critical canada goose outlet canada of Durant approach. A criticism that many have shared of the Warriors star.”If [Durant] wants to win that way, canada goose outlet fine”, McGrady said. “But don fool yourself into thinking it ain tainted. canada goose outlet edmonton Because now he got a https://www.gooseyou.com huge asterisk next to his name.”Durant, in a interview last week, was equally critical in his response. “How would he know? He never even won a ring.”With the offseason canada goose outlet los angeles around the corner, Durant was also asked of his plans for this summer.”Same thing I do every summer”, Durant responded. canada goose outlet paypal “Head down to my friend Dion [Waiters] island and relax. In the evenings, the cool summer breeze lulls you to sleep, as it sifts calmly through the sycamores. And in the morning, the birds can be heard chirping, welcoming the new day.””On Sundays, we play ball on the private court behind the mansion, secluded by the trees. Soon our shirts were off, canada goose outlet in toronto and as his eyes locked in mind, he dribbled towards me. And then, suddenly, a kiss.””As he laid me down at center canada goose outlet in chicago court, I could feel the warm pavement against my back. It was there that he entered me. First softly, then deeper and stronger. one! he screamed, and then relaxed on top of me. canada goose outlet uk sale And in that moment, I was forever his Kevin.”It is with great excitement we are officially announcing the next major update to Clash canada goose outlet london uk of Clans: Town Hall level 12! This is an exciting time for Clash of Clans as we are introducing a ton of new content with this release.Over the coming days, we will be sharing details on what this update will contain along with developer videos and gameplay footage. But one thing at a time.Today announcement is focusing on the Town Hall itself and how Town Hall 12 is a departure from canada goose shop uk how canada goose outlet in new york we have done previous Town Hall upgrades.KnightsNotGolden 15 points submitted 1 month agoI know people are going to instantly jump to “bring back SVG!” but I don think a reunion works well for either side.For one, there is the embarrassing end to the Dwight era. On our front, bringing back Stan would come with renewed attention to how it all ended, including some extremely critical comments that Stan made about canada goose outlet in montreal Alex Martins on the way out. On his front, why would you want to go back to work for the people who repeatedly threw you under the bus and fired you to canada goose outlet store uk appease a star who was skipping town anyways? Why would you want to go back to work with Alex Martins, whom you felt the need to criticize so harshly on the way out?Second of all, I not sure its a match basketball speaking. Where we are right now, we going to need a canada goose clothing uk coach who is going to have the patience to build this thing the right way; and I don think that Stan. Plus, after getting fired namely because he wouldn give canada goose outlet london up roster control like ownership asked him, I canada goose outlet store new york think its dangerous to have him come in and try to influence the roster. 73 points submitted 3 months agoAllen recalled dribbling in front of his locker during the Celtics’ preseason trip to Rome in 2007, which was something Allen had done to prepare for games his entire career. The dribbling annoyed Garnett, though, who told Allen, “No, you’re not going to do that.””You can’t tell me what to do,” Allen remembered responding, as teammates looked on. “You do what you do, and I do what I do.”As Allen wrote, “Gee, can two canada goose outlet england grown men be any more juvenile?” And it was a similar experience when, before the start of the season, Garnett and Allen went out to dinner at a steakhouse in Boston and spoke about their roots together as teenage players in the 1990s, and the pain of being on canada goose outlet parka losing teams in the past. After dinner, Allen wrote, he asked the waitress for the check.”No,” Garnett said, “I tip way better than him, so you better give me the check.” It was the first time they’d gone to dinner together, and Allen pointed out that Garnett had no idea how much Allen tipped. “There was no point in arguing with the guy,” Allen writes. “What struck me was that he felt the need to be seen as being superior to me, even in something as petty as this.”.

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